Microsoft Word 2016 Accessibility

Heading Structure

You can apply heading styles through either the styles ribbon or the Apply Styles box. You can also modify each style to always format appropriately when creating a document on your computer. 

Using the Styles Ribbon: 

  1. Select the text
  2. Go to the Home tab
  3. Select the appropriate style from the Styles section

Keyboard Shortcut Keys Option for the Apply Styles box: 

  1. Hit keys CTRL + SHIFT + s
  2. Type the style name or use the drop-down menu

Note: Heading level 1, 2, and 3 can be applied by using CTRL + ALT + 1, 2, or 3.

To modify the style formatting for your computer: 

  1. Go to the Home tab
  2. In the Styles section, select the arrow in the bottom right-hand corner (CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + s)
  3. Hover over the style to be formatted and select teh chevron on the right side
  4. Within the Modify Style box, select 'New documents based on this template'

Adding Alt Text to Images

Alternative text allows people who use screen readers to understand the content and function of images. Alt text should clearly describe the content depicted within 125 characters or less. If a longer description is needed, it should be provided near the image or in another document.

  1. Right click image (SHIFT + F10)
  2. Choose Format Picture
  3. Select the Layout & Properties icon
  4. Select Alt Text
  5. Enter the image description in the Description field.

 Format Picture menu


All hyperlinks should be given a descriptive title instead of the URL text or ‘Click Here’. The title should describe the destination.

  1. Select the text you want to link, right click, and select Hyperlink (CTRL + k)
  2. In the Text to Display field, enter a meaningful description of the link
  3. In the Address field, enter the URL

Edit Hyperlink box