Use of Student Learning Evidence

NILO Model - Use of Student Learning Evidence

This component represents the extent to which evidence of student learning is used to identify areas where changes in policies and practices may lead to improvement, inform institutional decision-making, problem identification, planning, goal setting, faculty development, course revision, program review, and accountability or accreditation self-study.

Assessment in Action

At Missouri State University, faculty and staff research and write about assessment of student learning. To learn more, click on the links in the slideshow below.

Assessment of Student Learning Grants—Final Reports

Assessment of Student Learning Grants are intended for faculty who design assessment projects in their courses, programs, departments, or colleges. Instructors used the funds to offer an opportunity for learning and reflection on the three pillars of public affairs.  Below are final reports from faculty indicating the learning outcomes and results following the grants.

Faculty/Staff Department/College Proposal Final Reports Semester
Dr. Elizaneth Walker and Dr. Sarah Lancaster Agriculture/COA     Spring 2018
Dr. La Toya Kissoon-Charles Biology/CNAS     Spring 2018
Dr. Abdullah Jamos Communication Sciences and Disorders/CHHS   "CSD Undergraduate Program Assessment Plan Focus Group" Fall 2017
Kim Roam Childhood Ed and Family Studies/COE   "Focus Groups for Improvement" Fall 2017
Debra Price Childhood Ed and Family Studies/COE   "Family and Consumer Sciences Advisory Board" Fall 2017
Dr. Ethan Amidon Criminology/CHPA   "The Development of Assessment Tools for CRM 210: Introduction to the American Criminal Justice System" Summer 2017
Tracy Dalton English/COAL   "ENG 321: Assessing Multi-Section Courses and Proposal Assignments" Summer 2017
Alex Johnson Citizenship and Service Learning/SDPA   "Assessing Student Learning Outcomes in Campus Immersion Experiences" Summer 2017
Dr. Rhonda Stanton English/COAL  

"ENG 221: Assessing the Basics"

Summer 2017
Dr. Cathy Van Landuyt Computer Information Systems/COB   "CIS 200: Assessment, Alignment, and Improvement Project" Summer 2017
Dr. Marc Willey Occupational Therapy/CHHS   "Embedding the Public Affairs Mission in the Occupational Therapy Curriculum" Summer 2017
Dr. Kelly Wood First-Year Programs/COAL   "Comparing Student Learning in Face-to-Face and Online Communication Programs" Summer 2017
Dr. Cynthia Green Libby Music/COAL   "MUS 239 World Music Class to attend Ethnic Music Concert at Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts" 2016
Deborah Cron Communication Sciences and Disorders/CHHS   "Using the power of social influence and impact of entertainment to provide a broader cultural awareness and increase empathy in students of Communication Sciences and Disorders" 2016
Dr. Rhonda Stanton English/COAL   "Making the Connections: Technical Writing and Public Affairs" Spring 2016
Dr. James Baumlin English/COAL   "America Then and Now: Essays, Memiors, and Anecdotes of Life from 1964-Present"



Jennifer Kerr Communication Sciences and Disorders/CHHS   "Social Communication Activities in Communication/Science Disorders Courses That Support the Public Affairs Mission" Spring 2016
Lori Rogers English/COAL   "ENG 222 Social Activist Writing Presentation and Reception" Spring 2016

Publications on Student Learning

From authors Stephanie Hein & Carl Rigel: