Institutional Assessment Process

Institutional Assessment Process

The Office of Assessment supports assessment of student learning at the university, college, department, and program level in the following ways:

• Gather, make sense of, and summarize what practitioners at MSU are learning about student learning.

• Collect assessment information from all areas of the university including colleges, units, departments, and programs.

• Identify and lead the analyses of useful institution-level surveys to assess institutional teaching practices and conditions at MSU.

• Emphasize consultative, face-to-face interactions with individuals, departments, programs, and colleges throughout the university, rather than using reports or web content as the primary means of communicating with and supporting the MSU community.

• Provide a place for honest conversations about things that are working—as well as things that are not working—in courses, programs, and departments.

• Act as a resource for individuals and units on campus that seek to improve their educational impact.

• Assess and advance student learning on the university’s public affairs mission through the Comprehensive Public Affairs Assessment Plan (formerly: Quality Initiative Project).

    • Collect examples of student learning related to public affairs in various ways and from both curricular and co-curricular experiences.
    • Assess the public affairs mission of the university and develop actions in response to data from these assessments.
    • Serve as a campus resource for practitioners from across the university who are engaging in assessment, and seek out partnerships with curricular and co-curricular groups.