General Education Assessment and Course Review Plan

The Committee on General Education and Intercollegiate Programs (CGEIP) is responsible for developing and implementing this plan.  Each course proposed for the new General Education has aligned the course with general education outcomes and SLOs, selected an assessment coordinator, and developed an assessment plan with direct and indirect measures.

The goals of the process are as follows:

• Find out if students are providing evidence that they have met our approved Specific Learning Outcomes

• Provide useful and meaningful information for the instructors of a general education course

• Offer evidence that student learning has been looked at in a thoughtful way

• Share successes of student learning, areas for improvement, and document the process of assessment changes

A general education course coordinator, with assistance from faculty who teach the course, will document and assess student learning based on the proposed general education plan. Documentation of an assessment/course review will be uploaded on a yearly basis. The annual report can be up to three pages. These annual reports will be useful in preparing the periodic review. The periodic review will take place every four years; however, course coordinators should follow their course review process as indicated in the original proposal.