National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) 2016

What is the National Survey of Student Engagement?

We like to call it the NSSE (“Nessie”). The NSSE is a survey that gives first-year and senior students a chance to Speak Up about their experiences as an undergraduate at Missouri State. Because the survey is given nationally, our results can be compared to those at other universities.

Why should I take the NSSE?

Two Reasons:

  1. Be heard by the university and help make the college experience better for future Bears.

  2. An opportunity to win a prize! Last year, we gave away early registration for classes and priority seating for families at graduation, among many smaller prizes.

When will the NSSE be available?

The survey will be open for completion February 10, 2016 and continue to be made available until June 1. It can be taken at any time from the email link.

How do I take the NSSE?

Those who are eligible to take the survey will receive an email from President Clif Smart to their University accounts on February 10, 2016. The email will include a link to the survey, which will only take 15 minutes to complete.

What kind of questions does the NSSE ask?

Example of questions include:

  • How many hours do you typically study in a 7 day period?

  • How often do you have discussions with people from a race or ethnicity other than your own?

  • How much does your institution emphasize attending campus activities and events?

What happens to NSSE results?

Most importantly, NSSE results can help guide the direction of the University, both in academics and student affairs. They can also be used to gauge our progress by comparing them to results from prior years. MSU faculty and staff are familiar with the survey and often use the data to develop changes or additions.

Who can take the NSSE?

First-years and seniors are invited to take the NSSE. We want to hear about your experiences during the first and last year of your college careers.

  • A “first-year” is anyone currently completing their first year at the University. This includes both freshman and transfer students.

  • A senior is anyone with 102 or more credit hours.

What if I can’t find the email?

If you think you deleted the email or can’t find it, search your Missouri State email inbox using the keyword, “NSSE.”