Planning Committee Charge

February 27, 2006

Greg Onstot, Chair, Vice President for University Advancement
Katie Abrahamson-Henderson, Women’s Basketball Head Coach
John Black, General Counsel
Randy Blackwood, Executive Director of Juanita K. Hammons Hall
Ben Boslaugh, General Mechanical
Greg Burris, Vice President for Administrative and Information Services
Earl Doman, Dean of Students
Mike Duggan, Board of Governors’ Member
Brent Dunn, Assistant Director of Athletic Development
Jim Ferguson, Community Member
Charlotte Hardin, Director of Multicultural Student Services
Jordan Haymes, Student
Barry Hinson, Men’s Basketball Head Coach
Kent Kay, Chief Financial Officer
Paul Kincaid, Chief of Staff
Robert Low, Community Member
Ramona McQueary, Community Member
Peggy Pearl, Professor of Child Development
Bill Rowe, Director of Athletics
Doug Sampson, University Architect
Bill Turner, Community Member
Matt Valenti, Student
Denny Whayne, Community Leader
Rebecca Woodard, Associate Professor of Health, Physical Education & Recreation
Michael T. Nietzel
JQH Arena Planning Committee

Thank you for agreeing to serve on the JQH Arena Planning Committee. The JQH Arena will be the largest capital project in Missouri State University’s history. Not only is it a very important facility for the University, it also is of great significance for the community and region. For these and other reasons, it is vital that this facility be well-planned, both in terms of design, but also in terms of its business plan, campus utilization, and public uses. It, also, is essential that the public have confidence in the manner by which the Committee does its work and makes its recommendations. Once I have the Committee’s recommendations, I will work with the Board of Governors and University offices to take the appropriate actions.

I have asked Greg Onstot to chair the committee, which as you can see is large and diverse in its scope. It includes membership from several constituency groups on campus, alumni and friends of the University, and community leadership. Such representative membership should help ensure a diversity of viewpoints and perspectives as the arena is developed.

JQH Arena should be planned with the following fundamental parameters in mind:

  • The facility should accommodate at least 12,000 chair-back seats, 20-22 luxury suites, open and inviting concourses, a private club for dining and other entertaining, a space for a Missouri State University Athletic Hall of Fame, basic locker and dressing rooms, and other meeting areas and conference rooms as necessary for such a facility.
  • It will be located on the parking lot immediately east of Hammons Student Center (HSC).
  • Practice areas for varsity basketball teams will be retained in HSC, as will existing locker rooms.
  • JQH Arena should be ready for use by the beginning of the 2008-09 basketball season (i.e., October/November of 2008); ground-breaking should occur before December 31, 2006.
  • The cost should not exceed $60 million.

I envision the Committee being structured along at least four subcommittees, each with distinct and essential tasks:

  1. Design Subcommittee: Chaired by Greg Burris and charged with evaluating and recommending the physical design, internal configuration, parking requirements, and site preparation and presentation.
  2. Finance and Legal Subcommittee: Chaired by Kent Kay and charged with developing the necessary documents, instruments, and business plan for funding the debt service on the arena.
  3. Development and Advancement Subcommittee: Chaired by Brent Dunn and charged with recommending ticket prices and policy, annual seat assessments, terms for the luxury suites, and criteria for membership in the private club (associated with premium seat purchases).
  4. Public Relations Subcommittee: Chaired by Paul Kincaid and charged first with helping identify the various media requirements/needs for the Arena, and also with making sure that the public and the University’s multiple constituencies are informed about decisions and progress involved with the new arena.

I would like to schedule the initial meeting of the committee on Tuesday, March 7. The meeting will be held in the Hospitality Room, First Floor of the Meyer Alumni Center located at the corner of Jefferson and McDaniel, between 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. I recognize that all of you might not be able to attend. With this large of a group, it will be impossible to find times when everyone is available, but I urge you to make your best effort to attend this first meeting. If you cannot attend a meeting, please do not send a substitute. We will keep and distribute notes and action items from the meetings so you can keep current.

I am available to attend this first meeting to expand upon the charge, discuss timelines for the Committee’s work, and indicate a preliminary decision about the type of method we will use for bidding and approving the design/construction of the arena.

At this first meeting, I have asked the Chair to establish preliminary subcommittee membership, recommend up to three sites of other recently constructed arenas for visitation, and be prepared to identify and resolve other logistical requirements for the Committee to accomplish its work.

I appreciate very much your willingness to serve on this Committee, whose work will be critical to the quality and success of JQH Arena. I will look forward to receiving and considering your recommendations.

cc: Michael Franks, ex officio Member of the Committee