General Education Placements

International students will probably not have ACT or SAT scores to indicate their math and English placements.

Math Placement

International students should take the Math Placement Exam either during their SOAR session or by scheduling an appointment with the Mathematics Department.

English Placement

Student placements in English courses are a little more complicated. Students should be directed to contact the English Department to obtain correct placement. More specifically, students should contact Christie Englis, Barbara Gressel, or Dr. Tina Biava. In general, for students to be placed in ENG 110: Writing I, they should meet one of the following criteria:

  • Students have completed level 5 of the ELI with certain scores in their WG (writing/grammar) course. They need an overall score of at least 82 percent in the WG course AND to have a final essay score of 78 percent.
  • Non-ELI students who have a TOEFL score must have a 22 (minimum) for their writing subscore.
  • Students who do not fall into either of the above categories must meet with Dr. Biava for an interview and to write a placement essay.