Advisor Comments

"This is one of the best organized workshops I have ever attended."

"It would have taken me ages to figure out all the rules and regulations alone."

"The video vignettes were my favorite part. They were helpful to observe and analyze."

"This was a wonderful experience and great help. The camaraderie felt is as important as the information received."

"I feel absolutely positive about the workshop and its value and helpfulness. I feel much more confident now."

"Very comfortable approach to the facilitating. No one felt "on the spot" but we were encouraged to interact and participate."

"This was a very useful program for me. I learned much more about the University's regulations and, even while your program was being taught, I noticed the impact it was having on my advisement of students."

"Many ideas I can incorporate in my classes were generated by this workshop."

"The workshop was absolutely essential to understanding policies, procedures, and ethical issues."

"Should be required for new faculty before they are assigned advisees."

"The exchange of ideas from other peers was useful."

"The Master Advisor Handbook is an outstanding resource. It is nice to have all of this information in one place--great job!"

"A great opportunity to learn the latest policies and procedures as well as network with other faculty.

"I feel I have been a very good advisor, but I am now aware of areas where I could be better!"

"I feel much better prepared to work with students."

"The pre-test was an eye-opener. it is valuable to know my ignorance in advising."

"I truly enjoyed the Master Advisor Workshop! It helped me to get an overall idea and picture about advising."

"An outstanding job of conducting this workshop. You are professional in your leadership. You help people feel good about themselves and the University. I'm very appreciative!"

"Thanks for your efforts at presenting an excellent program."

"This workshop gave me new awareness and insight into my advising role."

"This is an open environment where we learn from experiences of others."