Advantages of Participating in Jump START


"Jump START was a great way to get started at Missouri State. When I came in the first week, everyone was welcoming and assuring that the program would start me off on the right foot. The summer classes I took through Jump START were very helpful. The teachers were awesome; they prepared me for the Fall and gave me great advice about things I should know about the University. I still hang out with the friends I met over the summer and talk to the teachers I had. It was a great summer and getting ahead in my school work was awesome!" – Whitney, Jump START student

There are some great advantages to starting at Missouri State during the summer! Here are just a few:

  • Learn to navigate the campus
  • Make new friends
  • Utilize helpful campus resources

  • Gain study and time management skills

  • Experience college life in a residence hall (if on-campus housing is chosen)

  • Earn 7 credit hours in challenging college courses

  • Engage in on-campus social, recreational, and educational activities