Our Mission and Services

Academic Advisement Center Mission:

The mission of academic advising at Missouri State University is to assist students as they develop meaningful educational plans to help them achieve their life goals.

The Academic Advisement Center is directly responsible for advising Missouri State University undergraduates who are in the process of selecting majors. Advisors support students as they control their own educational choices and make well-informed decisions. To contribute to the overall success of academic advising on campus, the Academic Advisement Center provides services, programs, and publications to assist academic departments in providing quality advising to all Missouri State University students.

The Academic Advisement Center strives to be a full participant in accomplishing Missouri State University's single purpose of developing educated persons. Excellent academic advising develops educated persons by challenging students to choose academically rigorous courses and programs of study as they pursue their intellectual curiosities. Advising also develops educated persons by providing students with the individual attention needed to nurture personal growth and by encouraging students to take full advantage of the university experience by participating in co-curricular activities. Advising has a strong impact on student learning and retention by providing each student with a caring role model.

The advising relationship provides a unique forum for discussions about the benefits of higher education, the purpose of general education, the responsibilities of citizenship, and individual student goals. Effective advising relationships significantly contribute to a learning environment that fosters each student's opportunity to become an educated person.

Services Offered by the Academic Advisement Center to the Campus Community:

  • Provide one-on-one academic advisement for all new, continuing and transfer students with undeclared/exploratory majors.
  • Make available programs, such as the Majors Fair, to benefit students as they explore majors.
  • Supply outreach activities such as presentations for SOAR, GEP 101 classes, and workshops for conditionally admitted students.
  • Implement the Master Advisor Program.