Banner Computer System Update Information

The Missouri State University enterprise resource system (collectively known as "Banner") is currently undergoing software updates. 

The Banner Student Team oversees the process and progress of updating the Student module, which includes information used by faculty, students, and advisors.  The team consists of representatives from Admissions, Office of the Registrar, Computer Services, International Services, Advisement, and Graduate College.

Information will be shared through this web page as updates are planned and how those updates might affect Advisor and Student use and navigation of the system.

Communication log

Changes to the Teaching & Advising Tab (March 9, 2018)

The CHANGE: Links within the Student Information channel on the Teaching & Advising tab have been deactivated. 

The ISSUE: Student ID information (BearPass) retrieved from the ID Selection link no longer carries from link-to-link or page-to-page if the user navigates via some of the Student Information channel links

The SOLUTION: Users should navigate within the Self-Service Banner Student Information Menu. Detailed information and advice can be found on the Suggestions for Improved Usage from Advisors, for Advisors page.

Adjusting navigation in this way should also help users make future adjustments as Banner updates continue.