2013 Curtis P. Lawrence Excellence in Advising Award Recipients

Master Advisor Reception 2013

Excellence in Advising Support Award Selection Committee

  • Tracey Glaessgen, Chair, First-Year Programs
  • Nathan Hoff, Office of the Registrar
  • Diane Leamy, Criminology
  • Stephanie Marinec, Professional Education Advisement Center
  • Tom Tomasi, Graduate College

Excellence in Advising Awards Selection Committee

  • A’dja Jones, Student Representative
  • Amy Marie Aufdembrink, Academic Advisement Center
  • Kelly Wood, Communication
  • Christopher Lynn, MBA Program
  • Linda Trinh Moser, English

Faculty: Tracie Burt, Psychology

As coordinator of advising for the Psychology department, Tracie D. Burt works with faculty members and graduate assistants to provide advising services to over 700 majors and 200 minors. Tracie also finds time to teach courses that bring advising into the classroom, conduct research on advising issues, and to be an active member of the Provost’s Academic Advising Council. Tracie accomplishes all of this while maintaining enthusiasm, energy and optimism. As her department head, Dr. Tim Daugherty, says, “A role model for other advisors, Tracie engenders the sort of hope that facilitates achievement.”

Adena Young-Jones, a faculty member with whom Tracie conducts research, says, “Her commitment to research in the field of advising, and the application of change based on that research, is motivating.” Erin Buchanan, another faculty research collaborator, describes her work in this way, “I have worked with Tracie on several research projects on academic advising, and she has been a valuable team member from start to finish. Her work on advising’s relationship with student’s feelings of support will have a strong impact on our emphasis on the advisor-student relationship.” Tracie’s first peer reviewed journal article entitled “Academic Advising: Does it Really Impact Student Success?” was recently published.

Tracie’s advisees describe her as a mentor. Amanda Brower described their relationship in this way, “She has become my role model. Just when I thought I couldn’t do any better, she helped me see the potential I had. I will be forever grateful to Ms. Burt for everything she has done.”

Staff: Judith Pickering, College of Education

Judith M. Pickering has served the College of Education as an academic advisor and recruitment coordinator for over six years. Judy’s references from colleagues and students repeatedly use words such as dynamic, positive, inspirational, mentoring, and enthusiastic to describe her. Judy is one of those amazing individuals whose career is a direct reflection of her values. She loves education and loves that she is educating teachers, whose work will influence the future. To quote Judy, “Our world is large, but all students are talented unique individuals who can make a difference.

Judy commits her time to many efforts that enhance the educational experience for students. One of her commitments is to advising new students at Student Orientation, Advisement and Registration (SOAR) programs each year. Joe Morris, Director of SOAR, describes her work in this way, “The sense of joy she finds in helping students reach their goals almost radiates from her—others (including myself) cannot help but be influenced by her infectious positivity.”

Judy describes her commitment to building strong connections with her students in this way, “I believe that building relationships is a personal strength of mine. I am genuinely interested in people. I love the fact that I am helping students who want to become teachers, one of the most important jobs we could choose. Helping students define who they are and supporting them on their journey is the most satisfying part of my career.”

Advising Support: Brian Edmond, Computer Services

Brian Edmond has served Computer Services as a Systems Analyst and then a Senior Systems Analyst for more than nine years. Brian is hailed as a strong advocate for students and advisors alike; he has worked diligently to ensure that advisors have the computer support needed to assist students. As a liaison between academic advising and computer services, Brian and his team have assisted advisors with the implementation of Banner to ensure that the features previously used were not only maintained but also enhanced. Further, by incorporating photos into advising notes, every advisor with assigned advisees has the opportunity to see their students’ faces prior to their advising meetings.

To quote Susan Martindale, “Advisors are so fortunate to have amazing computer service support, particularly Brian Edmond. He has had an immeasurable impact on advising at this institution, and I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this special honor.”

Because Brian believes that the role advising plays in student success is critical, he listens to the feedback that advisors give him, and if it is possible, he works tirelessly to honor that request. Perhaps Brian says it best: “Everyone knows that faculty members are here to teach students, but it’s the advisors that must assist them through the complexities of their academic career. It has always been my goal to make our systems as easy and intuitive to use as possible so faculty and staff advisors spend more time with students rather than trying to search around for things on their computers.”