2011 Curtis P. Lawrence Excellence in Advising Award Recipients

Notice: We are thrilled to report that Christopher Lynn has been selected for a National Academic Advising Association Certificate of Merit in the professional advisor award category for 2011. Linda Trinh Moser will receive an Outstanding Advisor Award in the faculty advisor category. Christopher and Linda are both extremely deserving. Their awards will be given at the NACADA conference in Denver this October.


2011 "Excellence in Advising" Selection Committee

  • Tracey Glaessgen, Academic Advisement Center
  • Carmen Boyd, Biomedical Sciences/Dietetics
  • Ross Hawkins, Academic Advisement Center
  • Tracy Dalton, English
  • Emily Clark, Student Representative

Faculty: Linda Trinh Moser

Linda Trinh Moser has taught and advised students in the English department at Missouri State University for 13 years. In her current role as Associate Professor and Graduate Director, she helps to recruit, advise, mentor and teach the English graduate students. Under her leadership, Masters degrees conferred in the department have increased 32%.

Dr. Moser embodies the philosophy of advising as teaching. She teaches both a first-year honors seminar to bring new students into the University and the beginning course for the graduate programs in English. For both populations, Dr. Moser says, these courses "involve advising and allow me to introduce students to campus resources that will help them as they progress toward their educational goals."

Another quotation from Dr. Moser illustrates the importance she places on being available to her students: "Being accessible to students is important to me and I spend the majority of my time in the presence of students or working on their behalf."

To quote an advisee, "Dr. Moser's passion for her career is contagious and inspiring. Dr. Moser maintains high, but reasonable, expectations for her students and is committed to helping her students achieve their own goals." Another advisee said, "I cannot picture a better advisor."

Professional Staff: Christopher Lynn, MBA Program

Christopher D. Lynn has been an academic advisor at Missouri State University for almost five years, first as an academic advisor/retention specialist for undergraduate students in the College of Business Administration and now as the Program Advisor for the Masters in Business Administration program. Christopher is highly regarded on campus for his efficiency in balancing a very heavy advising load of between 400 and 500 students. In addition to being efficient, though, Christopher's students and colleagues describe him as a kind and generous advisor who is passionate about education.

One of Christopher's outstanding attributes is his passion for diversity. Christopher has done research and presentations on advising international students and is a member of the planning committee offering Missouri State University's first workshop devoted to advising that population. One of Christopher's advisees said, "I have had many advisors during my studies in the U.S., but I can honestly say that Christopher is the best one I have ever had. He is very knowledgeable in every aspect of the school and my major. He is very respectful to our religion, customs and traditions."

Christopher describes his commitment to all of his students in this way, "What drives me in all aspects of my job is to build relationships with my advisees (present, future and past). I am passionate about their successes in the classroom and in the workplace."