2010 Excellence in Advising Awards

2010 “Excellence in Advising” Selection Committee

  • Dave Lutz, Psychology, co-chair
  • Kimberly Stagner, Business Advisement, co-chair
  • Carmen Boyd, Program Director of Dietetics
  • Tracey A. Glaessgen, The Academic Advisement Center
  • Katie Young, Student Representative

Faculty: Tracy L. Dalton

After 15 years of advising and teaching at Missouri State University, Tracy L. Dalton exhibits rare enthusiasm and energy for every aspect of student success. Tracy embodies the philosophy of “advising as teaching” by weaving advising into the mentoring she provides to all of her students. She describes her relationships with students in this way, “The most valuable technique I can use as an academic advisor is to be an accessible, genuine person who provides quality assistance to advisees. My advisees know I care about them, and I work to maintain the trust we develop.”

Tracy is always willing to participate in a new opportunity to educate students. In addition to her regular teaching and advising duties, Tracy advises for Student Orientation, Advisement and Registration programs, teaches in curricular learning communities, serves on Academic Advising Council and has taught multiple sections of “Introduction to University Life.”

To quote advisee Gayle Moffet, “ I cannot picture an advisor more capable, well-informed, or genuinely certain that no matter the setbacks, each and every person who walks into her office can—and will, with her help—find his or her way out of college and into a full career.”

Staff: Ross Hawkins

Ross Hawkins developed his passion for academic advising while working as a graduate assistant for Teacher Certification at Missouri State University eight years ago. After three years as an advisor for students in the Business Advisement Center, Ross became Transfer Advisor in the Academic Advisement Center in 2008. In that role, Ross advises all transfer students who enter the University without a declared major. He has also served as the advisor representative on the Banner Student Implementation Team and used that opportunity to be a voice for academic advisors and an advocate for students. As chair of the Transfer Advising Committee, Ross is planning new transfer advisor training workshops to begin in August 2010.

Ross describes his approach to advising in this way, “My advising philosophy is a developmental approach to encourage students, explore possibilities, and empower minds for academic and career excellence…This strong advising relationship allows students to have an advocate on campus for a semester, year, or perhaps, a lifetime.”

His advisees appreciate his efforts, as illustrated by this comment, “When I stepped into his office and shook his hand the first time I met him, I instantly felt welcome, accepted, and that who I am really, truly mattered.”