2009 Curtis P. Lawrence Excellence Advising Awards and NACADA Outstanding Advisor Award

2009 “Excellence in Advising” Selection Committee

  • Alisa Trotter, Business Advisement, co-chair
  • Kris Sutliff, English, co-chair
  • Dave Lutz, Psychology
  • Kimberly Stagner, Business Advisement
  • Stephanie Struckhoff, Student Representative


Carmen Boyd

Carmen Boyd has been advising and teaching for 18 years and brings a wealth of experience to her role as Program Director for Dietetics in the College of Health and Human Services. Not only does Carmen advise her 78 official advisees, but she also advises all students enrolled in the Introduction to Dietetics and Senior Seminar courses, all students minoring in nutrition, and all prospective transfer students. With all these students, it is no wonder Carmen spends approximately one-third of her time advising.

Carmen recognizes the importance of quality advisement stating, “My advisement of students is probably the most serious thing I do and taken with utmost concern for the student and the part of my job I usually love the most.” Carmen’s advising style blends innovation with open and honest communication that helps students stay on track and complete the dietetics program. “Carmen works with students who may be struggling with a course or with a personal situation and encourages them to remain in school. Students who have successfully completed the program are particularly grateful to Carmen for her ability to see their potential and help them succeed.” Carmen gets to know her advisees and is committed to their success. “I watch her day in and day out working with students, providing advice and encouragement, just as she did for me ten years ago when I was her advisee.”


Tracey A. Glaessgen

For three years, Tracey A. Glaessgen has worked with undeclared majors and precollege students in the Academic Advisement Center, making an impression on students and striding toward becoming an excellent advisor. Tracey not only works with her assigned advisees, but also reaches out to students as an IDS 110 instructor for multiple sections, doing presentations in 20+ sections of IDS 110 annually and advising each summer at SOAR. Tracey excels in her commitment to the field of advisement by presenting and co-presenting five times since 2007 and attending five advising conferences.

Tracey loves being an advisor stating, “As an academic advisor, I have come as close to my dream job as possible in that every day I am learning something…I have the opportunity to learn about 150 undergraduate programs. Even better, I get to learn more about these programs with my students as they embark upon their own unique, educational paths.” The enthusiasm Tracey has for advising helps build strong relationships with her advisees, “I have found myself often times saying that one of the only things I am truly going to miss about being an undecided student is that I will no longer have the opportunity of having Ms. Glaessgen as my academic advisor.”