Libby Burger

Libby Burger



About Libby

Hello, I'm Libby. I joined the MSU Admissions team in September 2014. I have a B.S. in Health Communication from Missouri State University and started the M.S. in Health Promotions and Wellness Management, also at MSU. My main responsibilities are meeting with students either on campus or during a high school visit to explain the college process and helping students better understand all things Missouri State.

Most fun thing to do on the weekends

This is a hard one! I absolutely love sports, so if there is a Springfield Cardinals game in town or an MSU Ice Bears game, you better believe I’ll be there. I also love to work out, and I still use the campus Rec Center to do so – it’s so neat! Another cool place to go is the Springfield 11 cinema; not only is there an IMAX attached to the theater, but the normal viewings have recliner seats to use. You can bring a blanket with you, and it’s just like watching a movie at home…except for on a giant screen!

Favorite place to eat in Springfield

Hurts Donuts! Hands down. It’s a little hole in the wall donut shop in downtown Springfield, and it is ah-mazing. The workers are so friendly, the prices are decent, they have strange and sometimes obnoxious creations that they make every day, AND they’re open 24/7. Sometimes it is just necessary to make a 3am donut run.

Most interesting class taken at MSU

This is a two-way tie. The first class is Anatomy. Never have I ever had the experience of working in an actual cadaver lab. It felt incredibly creepy at first, but to actually be able to really see how things work in the human body was an experience I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get (nor do I want to-haha) again. The second class I took right before graduation, and that was Nonverbal Communication. In class, we talked about everything from how to read body language on a first date, to what color of clothes to wear during an interview to land a job! So many little ways we communicate in life, that I never would had thought of had I not taken the class!

Something you wish you knew before going to college

It’s okay to change your mind! Nothing is set in stone in college, especially when it comes to your major. I didn’t even know the degree that I graduated with existed until halfway through my junior year of college. Mistakes are only mistakes if you don’t learn from them. So go ahead, change your mind two or three times. It will all be okay.