Kristin Roop

Kristin Roop



About Kristin

Kristin joined Admissions in January 2011. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science in Student Affairs in Higher Education, both from Missouri State University. Kristin’s responsibilities include working with high school students, visiting high schools, and assisting with multiple office projects.

Favorite thing about Missouri State

BearWear Fridays! Each week everyone on campus – students, faculty, staff, etc. – is encouraged to wear Maroon and White. The bookstore will occasionally have BearWear discounts so you can stock up for Fridays. It’s a great way to show MSU pride to the community, too. Go Bears!!

Most interesting class taken at Missouri State

I have a hard time choosing just one; there are so many! One of my favorites was an Anthropology class, ANT 100: World Cultures, taught by Dr. Margaret Buckner. We had the opportunity to play a didgeridoo, which is an Aboriginal instrument. We debated about cultural customs and learned about traditions as Dr. Buckner continually challenged our stereotypes. Another favorite was Anne Colombo's French Conversation course, FRN 311. We would perform 20 minute skits in front of the class in French and learned all kinds of French slang. One last favorite was my Honors PSY 121 with Dr. Timothy Bender my first semester freshman year. We touched on all topics of Psychology including perception, abnormal, motivation, and developmental. I was so interested that I declared Psychology as my major by the end of the semester!

Most fun thing to do on the weekends

I love getting my bike out in the warmer months and riding on the many trails in Springfield, especially South Creek Trail. The paths go through area parks, along rivers, and even through town in places. I like to stop in Nathanael Green Park and feed the geese; they will chase you if you run out of food! It's great! I also enjoy going to the Art Walk on the first Friday of each month. It's located downtown and there is so much to do from eating at the great restaurants, checking out the open galleries, meeting friends for coffee, and having an all-around wonderful evening!

Why Missouri State?

I wanted a school that offered a large number of academic programs, lots of athletic teams so I could attend games and cheer on my university, and numerous other ways to get involved outside of the classroom. Missouri State had all of that. I also wanted to be comfortable getting around the city, and Springfield traffic wasn't overwhelming like other cities where I had toured campuses. A big selling point was how affordable MSU is! I was offered a nice scholarship and that sealed the deal.

Something you wish you knew before going to college

You don't need a printer! My parents bought me one and I used it, but once the ink ran out, I used the campus printers. It costs more to refill your ink than to buy a new printer! Each student is allotted so many sheets per semester for printing, so you're really wasting your money if you bring a printer. One neat feature about living on campus is that you can print right from your computer in your residence hall room and it will send your documents to the front desk printer in your building. You can print for an hour and then go down to pick up your print-offs when you finish researching.

Best advice for future students

Be open-minded. College is a whole new experience. There's not the same high school drama. Everyone is nice and willing to talk with you. You will likely make friends with people who are very different from you, but they might end up being your best friends and the people from whom you learn the most.