Katie Hash

Katie Hash


Central/northeast Missouri

About Katie

Hello my name is Katie! I joined the admissions team at Missouri State in October 2015. I am an alumni of the university and I graduated in May 2015 with my B.S.E.D in History education. My responsibilities are meeting with students either on campus or at high school visits and give them a run down of all things Missouri State and the college application process. 

Why Missouri State?

Choosing a college was the easiest and hardest decision I made in high school. It was hard because there are so many options but you want to be with your friends and you yourself have to decide whats best for you. It was the easiest however because in the end Missouri State is a beautiful campus and offered everything I needed both academically, financially and socially. Moving in was scary but I instantly fell in love with the culture Missouri State has. Coming from a small rural town I was worried about getting lost in the crowd, but for its large size Missouri State felt like a small community. I soon began to know many people in my classes and as I walked to and from buildings. Organizations and events held on campus helped me build lasting friendships and memories which I still to this day treasure. I will always love my time with Missouri State which is one of the reasons I was so eager to come back to campus and help others fall in love with Missouri State

Most interesting class taken at Missouri State

This is always a hard choice because there were so many great classes I took. I think if I had to choose it would be LLT 121 Classical Mythology. I always loved learning about Greek mythology and I had so much fun taking an entire class about it. My professor was hilarious and most of the time class was taught like it was story time where my professor would just sit down and tell us a story making his own comments and jokes along the way. Some days he would come in and just draw us pictures on the board and used that as a way to teach. Usually when this happened his pictures of Zeus looked very similar to him which everyone loved. It was really great to take classes which both interested me and opened up new options for future plans. Missouri State offers so many classes that you have never been exposed to which really broadens your horizons and shows you so many possibilities of new careers you hadn't thought of.

Something you wish you knew before going to college

I wish I would have known two things. First, it's ok to make new friends. I came to college without my high school friends which made me very nervous and for my first semester I felt guilty about making new friends. You have to find a way to keep your friends from high school but also make new friends here on campus who are going through similar life events as you. Its a hard thing to do but it makes the college experience much more enjoyable. Secondly I wish I would have known that it is ok to fail. This might sound strange, but its important to know that sometimes you are going to try your hardest and your best and you might not do well. This doesn't make you a failure or a bad person. College definitely teaches you that when bad things happen you just need to pick yourself up and try to do better. You can't be the best at everything and its a hard lesson to learn. The important thing is to not give up and to keep on trying. Things will work out if you keep going.

Best advice for future students

Have fun! College is all about getting an education which everyone knows, but it's also "the best years of your life." Cliche, I know. Go out to the games or social events, make new friends, go on adventures around the Springfield area and just have fun. The next four or five years go by way too quickly and those fun times you had you will never forget.