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Batteries, Toner, Electronic Appliances, Electronic Waste, Televisions or Books Recycling

Environmental Management is responsible for providing recycling services for the University.  They will pickup and recycle your old batteries, toner cartridges, electronic appliances, electronic waste, televisions or books free of charge.  Contact the Recycling Coordinator at 836-3108 to arrange for pickup and dropoff or visit their website for more information about all of the services they provide.

Cardboard, Paper, Plastic or Aluminum Cans Recycling

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Custodial Services and Environmental Management collaborate to provide recycling cardboard, paper, plastic or aluminum cans and collection containers are located in academic and administrative buildings.  Large quantities of paper can be taken to the recycling dumpster in Lot 22, just east of the Custodial Offices.  Large quantities of paper may be picked up by Custodial Services upon request by contacting them at 836-5265

For more information about what recycling opportunities exist on campus, see Facilities Management website at Recycling.