Text Messaging

Text messaging has emerged as a highly effective means of communicating with today’s college students. "Nudging" students to make an appointment with an advisor, complete a financial aid application, or register for classes can improve student success. 

A woman smiles at her phone while texting

New pilot program information

Missouri State University has initiated a pilot program to text message with students related to student success. The pilot program will initially focus on enrollment related messages to our first year undergraduate students from Fall of 2018 forward. Messages will be sent by a few academic advising centers and key enrollment related offices. We hope to expand the population of students and participating offices and departments over time.

Participating Departments/Offices:

  • Academic Advisement Center
  • Business Advisement Center
  • Education Advisement Center
  • Center for Academic Success and Transition
  • Office of the Registrar
  • Office of Student Financial Aid

Opt out

All students in the pilot group are automatically opted in to receive these text messages. If you do not want to receive messages, reply to the message with STOP or CANCEL to opt out. This will need to be done for each department/office that communicates with you.

You can opt back in by replying to a message from that department or office. You will need to reply to each department or office that you originally opted out of. 

Email is still primary form of communication

Email to a student’s university account is and will remain as the official form of University communication. Email is how the University communicates to all students. Text messages will enhance email communications by providing timely, relevant and personalized communication to students. 

Also, some sensitive information, such as grades, can only be sent by email and not via text message. Students can expect to receive some text messages referring to an email with more information.

Text messages are interactive

The messages allow two-way communication. Feel free to respond to a message and ask questions. In most cases, a real person (such as your advisor) will be on the other end to respond during normal business hours. To support students during off hours, we will use artificial intelligence to answer common questions.

Frequency of communication

Participating offices will send an average of one to two text messages a month. During key times, such as registration, messages may be sent more often. 

Emergency communications

The University also provides text messaging as an option under the Missouri State Alert mass notification system. Missouri State Alert text messages are completely unrelated to this program.

Updating contact information

An online method of updating contact information is coming. In the meantime, if you need to provide a different phone number to the University, you can submit the Change of Student Contact Information form to the Office of the Registrar. 

Privacy and policy

Due to privacy laws, such as FERPA, there is some information we cannot communicate to you via text message. If you engage in a text message conversation about a sensitive topic, you may be asked to check email or call for a conversation. 

Here is additional information about related University policies:

Here are a few information sources to learn more about nudges for student success and our technology partner, Signal Vine: