Database Services

Missouri State offers database services to university unit, organization, course and personal websites hosted on central servers.

Sites are provided on an individual Microsoft SQL Server database for use in their website. This service must be requested as it is not enabled by default.

Database usage

A website with database services may make use of the database in two different ways:

  • HTML forms which store their results in a database
    This method is the easiest way to use a database in a website.
  • Custom script programming
    Web developers with programming knowledge may use ASP, ASP.NET or PHP pages to access their database. University units and organizations using Web Press may develop web pages that use scripting in application development websites.

Database services management system

Web developers using database forms may visit the Database Services Management System to make changes to tables, export records to Microsoft Excel, clear all records or see database information such as connection strings.

Advanced services

Web developers who need direct access to their database should use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express. This software is installed in the open-access computer labs. It can also be downloaded and installed on Windows computers. Make sure the computer has all service packs and upgrades installed, including .NET 4.0.

Specific information for connecting, such as server name, can be obtained from the Database Services Management System.