Skit Performances

Competitive Event


  • Students record a video of themselves performing a memorized skit in their target language on stage.
  • Skits must be original (written by students and/or mentors).
  • Skits may or may not reflect the theme of the year "Connecting the World with Languages," but points will be given to skits demonstrating connection with the theme.

Number of entries

One entry per language, per school. If a school offers more languages, two or more entries will be allowed.


To be accepted into this entry, students:

  • Must be non-native speakers of their target language
    • Good judgment should be used to determine if a student is a native speaker or not. Any identified native-speaking participant will be disqualified in addition to his/her group.
  • Must compete at the level of language they are currently enrolled or at a higher level but NOT at a lower level

Time limit

  • 4-6 minutes for levels 1 & 2 (students at these levels must be combined)
  • 5-8 minutes for levels 3 & above (students at these levels must be combined)

Minimum and maximum time limits must be respected to avoid deduction of points. Timing begins from the first spoken word to the last word indicating the skit's conclusion.


Each skit video will be played and judged based on the level of memorization (skits must be memorized), creativity/content, the overall delivery of the performance, and the quality of the target language use.
Review judging criteria.

Additional details

  • Additional awards may be presented for the following competences, if merited.
    • Most Original Presentation
    • Best Theme-Related Presentation
    • Best Theatrical Presentation
    • Most Humorous Presentation

Video recording procedure

  • Video should be recorded in one of the following formats: mp4 (MPEG-4), .mov (Apple Quick Time movie), or .3gp (3GPP).
  • Students must make sure that the audio is audible, the video is visible, and the image is in good quality prior to submission.
  • Students must test video to ensure that both the audio and video work perfectly prior to submission.
  • The video should be saved with the skit's title, student or group and school’s names.
  • Time limit required of the skits must be respected.
  • After registration, each school representative will be provided a link and instructions for submitting the video file(s).