Poster Presentations

Competitive Event


  • Students (maximum of three) record a video of themselves presenting a poster in the target language to teach some aspect of the target language or culture.
  • Poster presentations should reflect the theme of the year "Connecting the World with Languages."

Number of entries

Maximum of two entries per language, per school (all levels included). If a school offers two or three languages, four or six entries are allowed. Submissions for less-known regions are encouraged. 


To be accepted into this entry, students:

  • Must be non-native speakers of their target language
    • Good judgment should be used to determine if a student is a native speaker or not. Any identified native-speaking participant will be disqualified in addition to his/her group.


  • Each poster video will be played and judged by at least four different judges.
  • Judging will be based on originality, creativity, clear depiction of target culture, visual appearance, and application of the year's theme "Connecting the World with Languages."
     Review judging criteria.
  • The poster that receives more points wins.

Additional details

  • Poster must use a standard tri-fold board with 36" x 48" dimensions.
  • Poster can display some computerized graphic design elements and some non-computer-generated designs (e.g. hand-painted, hand-sketched or collage techniques).
  • Include your full name (names of all team members), school name, and the title of your work on your poster.
  • Poster presentation must be in the target language.
  • Only the best two posters will be selected for an award regardless of the target language.

Video recording procedure

  • Video should be recorded in one of the following formats: mp4 (MPEG-4), .mov (Apple Quick Time movie), or .3gp (3GPP).
  • Students must make sure that the audio is audible, the video is visible, and the image is in good quality prior to submission.
  • Students must test video to ensure that both the audio and video work perfectly prior to submission.
  • The video should be saved with the poster’s title, student or group and school’s names.
  • After registration, each school representative will be provided a link and instructions for submitting the video file(s).