LLT 102: Scientific and Medical Terminology

Course number and name

LLT 102 Scientific and Medical Terminology

Prior learning assessment protocol

Students take an assessment that measures mastery of course content, including knowledge of the prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms used in scientific and medical terminology and the ability to derive a definition of a medical or scientific term from knowledge of its constituent parts.

Eligibility requirements

There are no formal eligibility requirements, but interested students should consult with an instructor who teaches this course to determine whether their prior learning experiences make them good candidates for the assessment.

Assessment administration details

This assessment may be offered at any time, date, and location agreed upon by the instructor and student. The test is proctored, and students have 60 minutes to complete it.


Students pay an assessment administration fee of $100 when they register online via the departmental storefront.

Score requirements

Scoring is pass/fail. Students must attain a passing grade on the assessment in order to qualify for credit by assessment.

Retake policy

Students may only attempt the assessment once.

Credits awarded

Students who pass this assessment must request an Institutional Examination Report Form from the department and submit it to the Office of the Registrar. They will receive two credits of LLT 102.

For more information

Contact the Department of World Languages and Cultures by calling 417-836-5122.