Pearson Vue Professional Certification Exams

Pearson VUE Professional Certification Exams are entirely computer-based.  Exam requirements are specific to the individual tests and test owners.  Review a list of exams offered at the University Testing Center through Pearson VUE. 

Test Dates and Locations

All exams are administered at the University Testing Center, located in Room 010 on the Lower Level of Duane G. Meyer Library on the campus of Missouri State University.  The deadline for registering for a given exam date is no later than midnight the night before the desired exam date.  We strongly recommend, however, that candidates register for their desired exam date as soon as possible, as there are only fifteen seats available on any exam date. 

Candidates should plan to arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the exam time, although some exams may require a 30 minute advance arrival time.  Candidates must be able to provide the required ID as specified by the individual exam.  Candidates who are more than 30 minutes late for their exam or who are unable to provide the required identification may not be allowed to sit for the exam.  Decisions to allow late exam starts are made at the discretion of the Test Center Coordinator or Center staff. 


Registration and fee payments are conducted entirely through the Pearson VUE website.  

Test Results

Test results are printed at the end of most exams, and can be picked up at the reception desk of the Testing Center upon completion of your exam. 


Contact Pearson VUE if you need accommodations for your exam. 


Contact the Testing Center at 417-836-6417-if you have any questions.