ALEKS is an adaptive, artificially-intelligent learning system that provides students with an individualized learning experience tailored to their unique strengths and weaknesses. With decades of scientific research behind its creation, ALEKS strives to bring the most advanced and efficient learning system to students worldwide.  This system is used by many higher education institutions for placement exams. Typically, these exams are administered to test candidates applying to schools other than Missouri State University.  


In general, registration for these exams is conducted primarily through the school requiring an ALEKS exam for placement.  Test candidates should contact their host school for information about how to register and schedule an ALEKS exam.


Any payment for ALEKS exams is handled through the host school and ALEKS. 


Contact the Testing Center at 417-836-6417-if you need to request testing accommodations.


Contact the Testing Center at 417-836-6417-if you have any questions.