Pollution Prevention (P2) Project

Missouri State University, in collaboration with Missouri Science & Technology, is providing onsite pollution prevention technical assistance and training for Missouri manufacturers.


The Missouri State University (MSU) Sustainability Program received an EPA grant for the Pollution Prvention Project (P2 Project). This consists on providing onsite pollution prevention technical assistance and training for Missouri manufacturers. Therefore, in collaboration with Missouri Science & Technology, we are offering free sustainability assessments to help those interested organizations adopt source reduction practices to reduce environmental impacts and operational costs.

Information for Missouri manufacturers

The Pollution Prevention (P2) Project looks at your whole manufacturing operation to uncover sustainable opportunities to reduce waste, conserve energy, and save money. The program engages MSU and Missouri S&T students to participate in assessments and provide an experiential learning opportunity. Our process includes:



Benefits to your company

The Pollution Prevention assessment can reduce your business costs, energy costs, water consumption, wastewater generation, hazardous materials, and emissions, which:

  • Promotes sustainable manufacturing and growth
  • Improves profitability and competitiveness
  • Reduces environmental impacts while gaining a competitive advantage
  • Increases capacity to attract new business.​​​​​

Missouri Manufacturers Flyer​​​​​​​

Information for students

Both students from MSU and Missouri S&T can participate in this initiative by helping perform onsite pollution prevention technical assistance at Missouri manufacturing companies. For this purpose, they receive prior training plus the great opportunity to gain experiential learning and build their resume. Moreover, they can qualify for class or internship credit.

Student Flyer

Internship opportunities

Students can intern with the MSU Sustainability Program to work on multiple site assessments, plus they can get possible internship opportunities with companies to implement the P2 recommendations.

Current openings​​​​​​​