Waste Analysis Report

Acknowledging the waste and recycling challenges and opportunities at Missouri State University (MSU), the Green Student Alliance, Student Government Association, and numerous departments partnered to seeks solutions by first sourcing an Integrated Waste Management Plan and Waste Characterization Study from the Zero Waste Unit of the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC). 


MSU’s FY2019 waste diversion rate is 24.06%. Application of the waste characterization study results to campuswide waste generation, displayed in table FY2019 MSU Generation, results in a Potential Diversion Rate of 83.6%. Respective tonnage and percentage representation of the FY19 landfill stream is displayed in the Potential Waste Diversion table.



According to EPA’s Waste Reduction Model (WARM), FY19 landfill generation had a greenhouse gas emissions footprint of 581.75 metric
tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, or MTCO2E.



For more information please follow the following link :  2021WasteCharacterizationAnalysis

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