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What is a Green Team?

The Green Teams program gives Missouri State University employees an opportunity to reduce the environmental footprint of their office or department and the campus as a whole. Green Teams commit to conserve energy and resources, as well as educate and engage their peers.

Green Teams achieve Leaves by participating in different aspects of the program. By starting a Green Team and completing the Green Office Certification Checklist, you achieve your first leaf. To get your second leaf, complete the Leaf Two Application Packet, which focuses more on engaging peers and setting goals to be more sustainable. A new Leaf Application will be released each year, we welcome feedback and suggestions for future Leaves.

The Goal of Green Teams:

  • To significantly reduce energy and resource use at Missouri State University, to generate less waste and to create a more sustainable campus
  • To use this effort to better educate students, faculty, staff and the community about best practices in sustainability
  • To create a collegial atmosphere of cooperation among different units of the University, while promoting a friendly competition among them

Want to Start a Green Team?

Follow these steps to start a Green Team in your office or department:

  1. Choose an Eco-Ambassador – this person will serve as the primary contact for your Green Team. The Eco-Ambassador will complete the Green Team application and attend a short orientation
  2. Complete all aspects of the Green Team Application Packet
  3. Compile your member list* for your office or department, which includes faculty, staff and students with office space – these individuals make up your Green Team. You can add members to your team each time you apply for a Leaf
  4. Complete your first Green Office Certification Checklist (included in packet)

Green Team Application Packet

*You are no longer required to have at least 75% participation in your office or department. Also, in order to eliminate the need to print your Green Team Application, it is no longer required to gather the signatures of your members. Simply enter the names of your members directly on the electronic application.

Leaf Two Green Team

To become a Leaf Two Green Team, your office or department must set goals to become more sustainable and focus on engaging and educating your peers. In order to identify areas of improvement and potential projects, Eco-Ambassadors must complete a Green Team consult with the Sustainability Coordinator before becoming a Leaf Two Green Team. You will then choose at least three of the six projects listed in the application packet and explain how you implemented the project, including details on the outcome.

Leaf Two Application Packet

In an effort to save paper and ink, please submit your completed applications electronically to:

The Office of Sustainability: 

Eco-Ambassador Resources

Eco-Ambassadors receive resources and information regarding sustainability, as well as education on how to best disseminate this information and increase peer participation. They also receive ongoing support from the Sustainability Coordinator.

Current Green Teams

Leaf One Teams:

Silver Green Team LeafSLH Clinic Planeteers

Professional Building 120

Silver Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Lyssa Maher-Felton

Phone: 417-836-6736

Silver Green Team LeafCenter for Community Engagement

Plaster Student Union 131

Silver Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Alex Johnson

Phone: 417-836-5774

Green Teams Bronze Leaf I R Green

Office of Institutional Research

Bronze Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Megan Schiller

Phone: 417-836-4593

Green Teams Bronze LeafThe Jolly Greens

Facilities Management

Bronze Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: John Clark

Phone: 417-836-5963

Green Teams Bronze LeafEnviro-Bears

Environmental Management

Bronze Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Jeff Brown

Phone: 417-836-4993

Green Teams Bronze LeafEcoliterates

English Department

Bronze Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Cathie English

Phone: 417-836-6589

Green Teams Bronze LeafBiomedical Sciences Green Team

Bronze Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Sheira Whetstone

Phone: 417-836-5603

Green Teams Bronze LeafPhysical Therapy Energizers

Department of Physical Therapy

Bronze Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Jeanne Cook

Phone: 417-836-6129

Green Teams Bronze LeafREL Greens

Department of Religious Studies

Bronze Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Jane Terry

Phone: 417-836-5514

Green Teams Bronze LeafGreen Backs

Finance & General Business

Bronze Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Heather Moore

Phone: 417-836-5504

Eco-Ambassador: Carol Miller

Phone: 417-836-5079

Green Teams Bronze LeafSMAT Green Machines

Sports Medicine and Athletic Training

Eco-Ambassador: Caryn Cook

Phone: 417-836-8553

Green Teams Bronze LeafManagement Information Systems Greens

Computer Services – Management Information Systems

Eco-Ambassador: Jon Lee

Phone: 417-836-4517

Green Teams Bronze LeafPark Central Green Team

Agency for Teaching, Leading and Learning

Bronze Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Christina Schanda

Phone: 417-836-4090

Green Teams Maroon LeafThe Phthalo Greens

Department of Art and Design

Maroon Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Sarah Williams

Phone: 417-836-5785

Green Teams Maroon LeafAdministrative Services

Carrington 104

Maroon Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Ronda Ladd

Phone: 417-836-8505

Green Teams Maroon LeafPlaster Student Union

Maroon Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: D.J. Fox

Phone: 417-836-4218

Green Teams Maroon LeafMCL Green Team

Modern and Classical Languages

Maroon Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Dr. Tonia Tinsley

Phone: 417-836-8435

Green Teams Maroon LeafGreen PAS

Department of Physician Assistant Studies

Maroon Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Steven Dodge

Phone: 417-836-4478

Green Teams Maroon LeafGreen Dragons

Psychology Department

Maroon Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Robert G. Jones

Phone: 417-836-5797

Green Teams Maroon LeafFinancial Services Green Team

Maroon Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Beth Hale

Phone: 417-836-4447

Green Teams Maroon LeafCampus Recreation/FRC

Maroon Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Galen Martin

Phone: 417-836-4101

Green Teams Maroon LeafSustainability@yourlibrary

Meyer Library

Maroon Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Bill Edgar

Phone: 417-836-4529

Green Teams Maroon LeafOutreach Green Team

Alumni Center

Maroon Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Alan Roland

Phone: 417-836-6720

CHPA Dean’s Office

College of Humanities & Public Affairs

Eco-Ambassador: Laurie Wilson

Phone: 417-836-6259

Kinesiology Faculty

Kinesiology Department

Eco-Ambassador: Bernard Kitheka

Phone: 417-836-4773


Management & Information Technology

Eco-Ambassador: Karen Eisman

Phone: 417-836-4131

Leaf Two Teams

Bronze Leaf TwoCNAS Dean's Green Team

College of Natural & Applied Sciences

Bronze Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: David Szepatowski

Phone: 417-836-5249

Bronze Leaf TwoResidence Life Sustainability

ResLife, Housing and Dining Services

Bronze Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Karen Argent

Phone: 417-836-3099

Two Gold LeavesGreen Beans

Departments of Political Science and Philosophy

Gold Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Dr. Samantha Mosier

Phone: 417-836-5922

Eco-Ambassador: Jordan Endicott

Phone: 417-836-5630

Bronze Leaf TwoCHHS Dean’s Office

College of Health and Human Services

Bronze Level Green Office

Eco-Ambassador: Carly Totsch

Eco-Ambassador: David Johnson

Phone: 417-836-4176