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Bear's head with a paw over one eye; text on photo: "I Screwed Up! Now I'm going to grin & Bear it!"​​​​​​​

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It is a natural response to want to keep a setback in life to yourself, however, the best way to work through difficult experiences is to combine self-reflection with being in a community with others. Below is a list of campus resources that may help you along. If you have feelings of rejection, failure, setback or struggling with how you may be successful, please contact Dean of Students, Dr. Michele Smith

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MSU President, Clif Smart
Select image to view "I Screwed Up!" Introduction from President Clif Smart.

Wes Pratt, Chief Diversity Officer, Vice President Diversity and Inclusion
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Dr. Kurt Heinlein video testimony
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Michael Frizell video testimony
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Hannah Harris, "I screwed Up! video testimony.Select image to view Dr. Hannah Harris video testimony.

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