Take AIM: Academic Information and Motivation

As you should now be aware, due to your Academic Status, you are either on Academic Probation or placed on Academic Suspension this semester. These online resources have been created by our office to assist students on probation, or suspension, and to help them move back into Good Academic Standing. The short animated video's below can provide you with insight as you begin the process of returning to Good Standing.

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Understanding Academic Probation & Suspension Rules

Start here to learn about Academic Status and how it affects you, whether you are on probation, you are suspended or you are in good academic standing.

Person using a laptop; image is cropped so only the arms and part of the upper body are seen

Calculating Your GPA

An important skill is calculating your grade point average. Figuring GPA can seem frustrating, but once you know what goes into your GPA and you practice figuring your GPA a few times, you should feel more confident about planning your academics to return to good standing.

Fingers holding a pen, writing on a legal pad; the writing on the legal pad says "Goals 1. 2. 3."

Goal Setting and Motivation

Learn about the benefits and mechanics of goal setting and the role of goal setting in your success at Missouri State and beyond.

Top half of a person's head with two thought bubbles; one bubble says Now, one bubble says Later

Time Management and Organization

Learn the benefits of effective time management and how to successfully use a planner, how to prioritize your time, and how to identify when you are most productive.

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Navigating the Classroom and Being a Smart Student

Learn strategies for taking better notes and effective classroom behaviors that foster academic success. Plus, learn how to read a syllabus to glean important information from instructors and tips on success from faculty.

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Being a Successful Student

Being a successful student involves more than "just good grades." Successful students are involved in campus organizations, create positive relationships with faculty and staff, and utilize resources available to them.

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Using Your Resources

Successful students know what tools are available and when to use them. Missouri State has several resources that can provide you with insight and support. You'll find resources and information listed here to help you achieve success.

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On-Demand Video Catalog

This catalog link provides direct access to available on-demand videos used in this website. Plus, it may include additional videos that share advice, personal testimonies and personal student success stories.