Virtual Organization Management

It is important to operate your organization, even in a modified manner. Being involved in an organization is a great way to release stress and stay connected.

Event planning

All events for April-June sponsored by student organizations have been removed from the calendar. However, this is a great time to solidify your organization's calendar for the upcoming semester.

  • Contact Event and Meeting Services at with the two people from your organization who will be making reservations.
  • Determine dates and make new reservations for fall. Remember to remain flexible in your planning in case the events/meetings need to be moved to alternative delivery methods.

Virtual elections

If you have officers graduating or not carrying over to the next academic year, host your elections now.

Virtual transitions

Ask outgoing officers to create an electronic transition packet and include the following:

  • Constitution and Bylaws (If you don't have a copy, there is always a copy of the organization constitution and bylaws on the organization CampusLINK documents section)
  • Old reports/e-mail templates
  • Create and share calendar for previous and upcoming meetings and events
  • Timeline for typical tasks
  • Set up a one-to-one training via Zoom, Teams, Facetime, or Google Hangout to review documents
  • Update officer roster on CampusLINK
    This is the most important detail to include whenever changes take place in your organization leadership. If the roster is not up-to-date, chances are, the organization will miss out on valuable opportunities or important deadlines. Instructions on updating your officers is listed below.

Instructions for updating your organization's officer roster on CampusLINK

  1. Go to CampusLINK and search for your organization
  2. On the homepage, click "Manage Organization"
  3. Click the three line icon on the upper left corner
  4. Drop down menu will present itself and click on "Roster"
  5. Click on the pencil icon (✏️) for the Primary contact and select the new President (Make sure the individual has joined CampusLINK)
  6. Scroll down and click on the pencil icon (✏️) for the new executive board members. A pop-up menu will present itself with a list of all the available positions. Select the appropriate positions.
    After all positions are given to the new President, then proceed to your name and click the pencil icon (✏️), remove yourself as President.

That will remove you from being able to edit the page. You will want to make sure that this is completed to avoid being sent emails at the beginning of next semester. If you run into any issues or difficulty with the process above, please reach out to