Physical Assault

What to do if... you've been physically assaulted.

  • Call 911 if you are in danger or if you need immediate
    medical assistance.

  • Tell someone you know and can trust.

  • Report the assault to Safety and Transportation
    (on campus-65509) or the Springfield Police
    (off campus--911)

  • Contact a residence hall staff member or the Dean of
    Students (836-5527) to find out how the University
    can assist you.

If you have difficulty coping with the assault, contact the
Counseling and Testing Center or, for specialized help in the
area criminal assault, contact the Victim's Center (864-7233).

For emergency medical assistance, call 911 or go to:

St. John's Emergency- Trauma Center 885-2115
Cox Emergency Department (North) 269-3193
Cox Emergency Department (South) 269-4083