Submission Guidelines for Student Accomplishments

News releases about accomplishments are intended to promote accomplishments that have NOT been otherwise publicized. If information about an accomplishment is sent to media and covered by media BEFORE a news release is issued, that will decrease the likelihood of being included in a university news release.

Individual news releases will be issued and posted on the accomplishments page for the following types of accomplishments:

  • National or multi-state recognitions or awards (1st through 3rd place)
  • Statewide recognition or award (1st through 3rd place)

The following types of accomplishments will be posted to the university news page under accomplishments:

  • Lower national or statewide award
  • Regional recognition or award
  • Presentation at conference or convention
  • Article published in a magazine or journal
  • Election or appointment to a regional, statewide or national board or committee

Information about these types of student accomplishments should be sent to

Hometowner releases (released to the home towns of all participating students) will be issued for the following types of accomplishments and should be submitted utilizing the online publicity forms:


Submit a departmental award or scholarship

Submit a theatre or dance performance