Missouri State University - West Plains
Justin Butkovich

Justin Butkovich

  • Sixth Grade Social Studies Teacher
  • Springfield, MO
  • AA in General Studies; BA in History
  • Hometown: Edgar Springs, MO
  • Currently Resides: Springfield, MO

Justin Butkovich

“Missouri State-West Plains helped me become a more well-rounded and competent student.”

Justin Butkovich decided to attend Missouri State University-West Plains (MSU-WP) because it was close to his hometown of Edgar Springs. While attending MSU-WP, he said he grew as a person. He became more confident in himself as a student and was persistent in his pursuit of an education.

While at MSU-WP, Justin had two unique opportunities to grow his skills – through a study abroad program and an internship with South Central Ozark Council of Governments.

“I was honored to be selected for the study away program and an internship with South Central Ozark Council of Governments,” Justin said. “Both equipped me with various skills, socially and academically, which helped advance my career as a student and eventual educator.”

Experiences, faculty and staff helped Justin thrive

These two experiences combined with MSU-WP’s encouraging faculty and staff members helped Justin increase his confidence and encouraged him in his pursuit of his educational goals.

“I believe my experience at MSU-WP was one of a kind,” Justin said. “The faculty always encouraged me to do my best. This helped grow my confidence and helped me persevere through the rest of my education at Missouri State University-Springfield.”

Justin’s passion for education was evident, so he sought not one, but two, undergraduate degrees from the Springfield campus as a double major. He obtained both his Bachelor of Arts in History and Bachelor of Science in Geography in 2020, which he now puts to work as a sixth grade social studies teacher at a middle school in Springfield.

Justin offers some advice for prospective students

MSU-WP allowed Justin to pursue an education close to home that helped him discover his passions, which he continues to live out as a teacher today. Having the ability to explore options is key to finding that passion, he said.

“I encourage prospective students to take classes and explore opportunities that interest them,” Justin said. “Oh, and always apply for scholarships!”