Missouri State University
Lupita Perez-Lopez

Lupita Perez-Lopez

Pre-law student ready to make a difference

Lupita Perez-Lopez’s drive to help others globally began locally.

“My mom encouraged me to help others and follow my dreams because not everyone can have the same opportunities,” Perez-Lopez said.   

She dedicated many of her formative years to volunteering in her hometown of Green Forest, Arkansas.

Her volunteer spirit followed her into college, where she planned to study law.

Becoming a Bear

Perez-Lopez was stuck between two schools when she chose Missouri State.

Her “aha!” moment came the day she interviewed for the Multicultural Leadership Scholarship on campus. 

“It was a memorable day because there was a student protest in the PSU happening and it was my first time being exposed that sort of activism,” Perez-Lopez said. “I was intrigued.” 

“I want to be able to help my Latinx community and people of color and make an impactful difference.”  

Knowing that MSU welcomed student expression, Perez-Lopez made her decision.

“I knew from that moment on I would attend Missouri State, even if I didn’t get the scholarship,” she said.

Three weeks later, Perez-Lopez received the scholarship. She started at MSU the next fall, majoring in political science and minoring in international relations

Turning passions into actions  

The summer after her junior year, Perez-Lopez received opportunities to pursue her passions. 

First, she attended an intensive pre-law program in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

“The program ignited my love for law and the power it holds,” Perez-Lopez said. “Not only did it reassure me the path I’m headed toward is right for me, but I was also fortunate to have met fellow students with similar passions.” 

For the remainder of the summer, Perez-Lopez worked at Youth Bridge. This organization provides mental health aid services to youth in the northwest Arkansas region.  

She described both opportunities to serve as “life-changing.”  

“I learned a lot about myself and how I need to believe in myself, because my dreams are possible and I can’t let doubt get in my way,” Perez-Lopez said.  

Looking forward 

Perez-Lopez hopes to attend law school to practice civil rights and immigration law.  

Working for the United Nations, specifically UNICEF, is a long-term goal.  

For now, she plans to continue to serve others in any way she can.  

“I believe everyone deserves kindness and love, and I try to treat every person I meet with both.”