Missouri State University
Hannah Sherertz

Hannah Sherertz

  • Dallas Mavericks’ manager of community relations and Mavs Foundation
  • Dallas, Texas
  • BS in entertainment management

Basketball’s the name, community engagement is the game

MarooNation member Hannah Sherertz gives back through basketball.

When you work for a professional basketball team like the Dallas Mavericks, you’d think that job would center around the sport.

But for Hannah Sherertz, who graduated from Missouri State University in 2014, her job with the Mavericks revolves around everything they do besides play basketball.

From a Bear to a Maverick

Sherertz is the Dallas Mavericks’ manager of community relations and Mavs Foundation.

As the name suggests, she works with the community. One day she could be donating computers to a struggling literacy program. The next day, she could be reviewing grant applications.

With more than 10 programs to manage, Sherertz is always on the go.

For her, the best part of her job is seeing the impact of her work in different ways. One example is in the area of literacy.

“Children who are not at the correct reading level by third grade have a much higher rate of going to jail by the time they are 18,” Sherertz said. “In one of our projects, the kids entered the remodeled computer lab at a nonprofit called Readers2Leaders and saw a bright blue Mavs space, brand new computers and a 7-foot-tall NBA player. They were still ready to read and learn.”

A journey from Springfield to Dallas

Sherertz, from Springfield, Missouri, looks back fondly on her time at MSU. She said her marketing and entertainment management classes prepared her for the ever-changing nature of her job.

She graduated with a bachelor’s in entertainment management and a minor in marketing.

“Being a Bear taught me how to manage myself, represent myself and now represent the Dallas Mavericks,” Sherertz added.

The university’s public affairs mission also influences Sherertz’s work.

“It is something that lives within my role,” Sherertz said. “Finding cultural competence over my years at Missouri State is what has allowed me to be able to act as a leader within my organization.”

Sherertz is in a new area of Texas every day, each place with its own unique cultures, perspectives and relationships. She said this is a great reminder to see something bigger than herself.

After four years in Dallas, Sherertz continues to help better the area. 

“This career is more than building the Mavericks brand,” Sherertz said. “It’s about building community.”