Missouri State University - West Plains
Hannah Brewer

Hannah Brewer

  • Critical Care Nurse
  • Springfield, Missouri
  • AS in Nursing- Missouri State University- West Plains
  • BS in Nursing (Spring 2019)

Hannah Brewer

"I made friends who I will have a lifetime and made connections with my career that helped advance my career before I even graduated."

Choosing Missouri State University-West Plains for her degree was an easy decision for Hannah Brewer. Her hometown high school offered the A+ program and gave her the opportunity to obtain her Associate of Science in Nursing degree for free. Staying close to home and commuting to school was just another perk that allowed her to go far.

With the opportunities offered through clinical hours at the local hospital and through time spent in the simulation labs, Brewer was able to enhance her skills in nursing and graduate with confidence in pursuing a job in her profession.

"I was glad that I had the opportunity to learn in a smaller classroom setting, which was great for hands on activities. I felt close to my instructors and that I could go to them for help with school or any problems in my personal life. I made close connections with my instructors. I still keep in touch with them today as I advance in my career and still go to them for guidance," Brewer said. "Starting small gave me the stepping stones to advancing my career. I was also able to work as a student worker in the financial aid office. I was able to participate in student activities through my position as student worker and enhance my communication skills."

"When you find what you are passionate about, don’t let anything get in your path."

"Who I was, when I first enrolled at Missouri State-West Plains, was a young person who wanted to help make a difference in the world and help others," Brewer said. "I still want to help others, and with my degree from Missouri State-West Plains, I get to every day when I go to work."

One of her greatest professional accomplishment so far was starting her first job as a Critical Care Nurse. "I get to take care of some of the sickest patients and I get to learn so much," Brewer said. "I have been able to volunteer in the community giving flu shots, and during the flood disaster I was able to volunteer as a nurse in the local shelter."

It was hard for her to sum up two years of experience, but she eagerly claims it was a great experience. "I am thankful for my time spent at Missouri State West Plains. I am thankful for the opportunities I have to serve people. "