Missouri State University - West Plains
Adriane (Lovelace) Wooderson

Adriane (Lovelace) Wooderson

  • Elementary Teacher
  • West Plains, Missouri
  • AA General Studies
  • BS Education
  • Master of Education

Adriane (Lovelace) Wooderson

"Being at Missouri State University-West Plains gave me more confidence as a person, and I gained leadership skills through the various activities I was involved in." 

After high school and wanting to stay close to home, Adriane (Lovelace) Wooderson chose Missouri State-West Plains as her school of choice. Three years later, she received her Associate of Arts in General Studies degree with the help of a full cheer-team scholarship. Throughout that time, she never lost her sense of school spirit.

"I was able to experience meeting new people from different places and also reconnect with acquaintances from neighboring towns. Being involved on the cheer team helped with that," Wooderson said. "I was also able to be part of the STAR student leadership program, which gave me the opportunity to help other prospective students learn what Missouri State-West Plains had to offer. I also worked on campus assisting the student life coordinator."

Her hard work, dedication and sense of teamwork as a student provided her with the skills she needed to obtain a career immediately upon graduating. In 2002, she started her career at Junction Hill School, where she taught kindergarten for a year and then first grade for a year. By 2004, she had chanted, handsprung and extended her way to West Plains Elementary School, where she currently continues to teach first grade students.

"I have been given a chance to work in my hometown with wonderful teachers and mentors, and that has helped me become a better teacher and person," Wooderson said. Fourteen years later, she has the choreography down.

"Enjoy your time at Missouri State-West Plains. It goes by too fast."

Wooderson fondly remembers having a wonderful experience at Missouri State-West Plains. Between the sincere and helpful teachers who longed to see their students succeed and the smaller class sizes, she easily made the transition to college.

"Getting involved in student activities and building relationships with others helped me have more confidence and leadership skills that I would need as an educator," Wooderson said. But for students, she doesn't mind taking the role of captain. "Seek out ways to get involved and build relationships with people. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it."