Missouri State University
Olivia Fernandez

Olivia Fernandez

  • Major: Finance
  • Second Major: Modern Language
  • High School: Cor Jesu Academy
  • Hometown: St. Louis
  • Activities: Honors College, Presidential Scholar, Sigma Delta Pi national collegiate Hispanic society, Beta Gamma Sigma international business honor society
  • Activities: Gamma Pi Alpha Presidential Scholars’ fraternity, Order of Omega Greek leadership honors society, Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority

She's set to be a #CitizenEconomist, with honors

Olivia Fernandez is on the path to her dream job in macroeconomics, thanks to her Missouri State experience and connections.

Earning an internship with the Federal Reserve

As a finance major, Fernandez has received the benefit of being a member of both MSU’s Honors College and the College of Business, one of the largest business colleges in the Midwest.

Fernandez received an internship with the Kansas City Federal Reserve through resources unique to the College of Business.

“My first interview was actually in the Career Center in the College of Business, which was really cool, because, for the first round, I was able  to do that here. Then, the next round I drove to Kansas City.”

She was able to go more in-depth with her internship through adding an honors element to the experience: a research project about the 2008 financial crisis, federal regulations and the economy.

The internship may help her achieve her career goal of working for a federal organization about macroeconomic issues.

“I’m really glad that I chose Missouri State. It’s been the best decision I ever made, especially joining the Honors College.”

Seeing a new culture during a trip to Spain

She also hopes to speak Spanish in her career.

Fernandez participated in a summer study-away program in Spain and came back with enough credits to declare a second major in Spanish.

“The main thing I wanted to do was learn the language.”

This wasn’t the only thing that occurred while she was abroad, though. She also gained cultural competence “talking to native Spaniards and seeing their perspective and being a part of their culture.”

Fernandez said the professors and classes at MSU helped her realize what she wanted to do after graduating.

“I’ll have two degrees. I’ll be graduating from the Honors College with honors. And, with all of the connections I’ve made at Missouri State, I’m looking forward to what comes next."