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Jack Dimond

Jack Dimond

  • Senior Instructor

Providing a professional outlet for journalists

Well into its second century, The Standard is still innovating. 

Jack Dimond, faculty advisor to The Standard knows that working on the campus newspaper provides on-the-job training for student reporters and editors. 

“The reality of being a reporter, having to go out and get sources – knowing they will later read what you wrote about them – is something that takes getting used to,” he says. “It’s hard for us to replicate in a classroom environment. At The Standard, students get professional practice and start compiling clips that were published under deadline, which is what prospective employers want to see.”

The staff consists of writers, editors, photographers and copyeditors and currently includes more than two dozen students. Journalism majors make up the majority, but it’s open to all students who complete the eight-week training process, during which they demonstrate that they can meet the paper’s expectations with regard to writing, editing and deadlines.

“The training makes it easier to bring more people into the fold,” Dimond says, “and gives them more confidence.”

Results and recognition

"It’s the third time in five years that someone from The Standard has been selected as Journalist of the Year."

This professional approach has made The Standard the leading source for Missouri State news, and it’s been recognized off campus as well. During the 2016-2017 academic year, The Standard received 22 national and regional awards, including one for editor-in-chief Nicole Roberts, who was designated Journalist of the Year by the Missouri College Media Association.

“It’s pretty exciting,” Dimond says, “because it’s the third time in five years that someone from The Standard has been selected as Journalist of the Year.” 

While The Standard is known for its 105 years in print, its outreach now includes an interactive website, social media coverage and videos. Dimond calls students “the driving force” behind these innovations. “We’re always very concerned about the quality of what we do in print, but we recognize the digital side is important for students and their future careers.”

He encourages staff members to incorporate multimedia skills they learn in class into their work at The Standard as they find new ways to engage the audience and tell the story.