Missouri State University

Sergio Lescano

Striving for an education and a better future

“It was a challenge, but a dream come true.”

Growing up poor and in a family where no one graduated high school instilled in Sergio Lescano a determination to improve his life through education.

“I grew up around people from different social and economic classes and I knew I could attend university and make a better life for myself like so many people around me were doing,” Lescano said. “I had supportive family and friends who encouraged me to be different than the circumstances I grew up in, and there were also people who didn’t want to see me succeed. But that made me work even harder because I believed in my abilities and desired to help people just like my family.”

Lescano has achieved that goal thanks in part to Missouri State University.

An Argentinian native, Lescano, a graduate student in project management, moved to the U.S. in 2011 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in construction management at MSU.

“It was a challenge, but a dream come true,” Lescano said. “I’m very thankful for the campus resources and opportunities to get involved and develop my skills, such as communication, time management and setting goals.”

A life-changing opportunity

“I was inspired by many mentors during my studies so I would like to make a difference in other students’ lives in this way.”

By participating in the Construction Club and networking, Lescano secured a paid internship with Killian Construction Company in May 2015. He got to work on the Cox Medical Center South Tower expansion, where he performed tasks, such as ensuring specific floors were ready for inspections, preparing close-out documents and estimating. 

“I could be found all over the project, working with different people, from the painters to the owners,” said Lescano. “It helped me to understand the knowledge I learned in class and apply it in the field.”

His work ethic paid off and Killian rewarded him with a part-time job, which he held throughout his junior year. When he completed his bachelor’s degree last year, the company hired him as a project engineer.

“In Argentina, I would not have been able to have a side job as a full-time student,” Lescano shared. “Here, I could combine both and it was one of the best opportunities I had.”

Making a difference

What excites Lescano about his field of work is that it allows him to impact people’s lives.

“Construction management is a difference maker career and I love to make a difference in this world,” he said. "I can use my knowledge and hands to create something from nothing. It’s amazing what the construction industry can do, including connecting people with highways, healing people through structures like hospitals, building homes for families and so much more.”

Besides focusing on advancing his career, Lescano said he is committed to helping the community by continuing his volunteer work with Operation Christmas Child and Habitat for Humanity, and getting involved with mentoring students.