Missouri State University

Angela Guido

Finding the common ground

"Big things are possible if people are willing to cooperate." 

The first week of her senior year, personal tragedy brought Angela Guido into close contact with many of the societal systems she'd studied as a political science major.  

"There was a fire at the house where I lived with my mom," Angela said. This tragedy not only destroyed their home, it also claimed the life of Angela's grandfather. 

Angela quickly decided to take a semester off from college. "It was a tough situation," she said, "where me and my mom had to figure things out in terms of doing all the paperwork with the insurance, inspectors and the coroner." 

"If I needed anything, I just had to call. It was great to have that support system."

"A great source of stability" 

Throughout that semester, however, Angela found equilibrium through the support structures she'd already established at Missouri State. 

"Everyone on campus and in the department was so supportive," Angela said. 

Model UN, which had always been an important part of her college experience, became "a great source of stability. I had a meeting every week. I had people I could hang out with. I was a fellow student and we were all working together prepping for conferences, and everyone made sure I knew I was part of the team and would always be welcome."

Angela's involvement with Model UN took her to regional conferences, where she met "people who were like-minded in terms of wanting to use diplomacy to find solutions to international problems." 

These experiences gave her the confidence that "in theory, big things are possible if people are willing to cooperate." 

Angela looks forward to testing this theory further during her future legal career. While she's exploring paths as a prosecutor, defense attorney, public defender or military law attorney, she feels confident that her experiences with political science have laid the groundwork for her success.