Missouri State University

Rebecca & Megan Won

Sisters, best friends, athletic trainers

Rebecca chose Missouri State's athletic training program because of its reputation. Once here, she found memorable experiences, caring faculty — and convinced her sister to join her.

"Well I went to the same high school as my sister, and then I went to the same college as my sister. And I was like, ‘I don’t want to do the same major as my sister,’” laughs Megan Won.

But Megan found that — true to form — her older sister had made a great choice.

Inspiring faculty 

Rebecca Won originally joined Missouri State’s athletic training program because of its reputation. “I knew that they had a high pass rate [on the Board of Certification] exam and also a high employment rate,” she says. 

Once here, she found that "I felt welcomed and felt like this was my place to be." The faculty played a huge role. "We are so close," she says. "I can always just go to any faculty member... and they'll help me clear my head so that I'm on a positive route." 

Megan agrees. Despite her initial reluctance to follow her sister's career path, Megan met with Rebecca's advisor, Gary Ward. "An hour of just talking to him, and I was like, 'Sign me up.'" 

Learning on the field  

Both sisters value the program's emphasis on clinical training, which allows them to learn through experience. "You learn something in the classroom, and then you see it out on the field and you're like, 'My entire class just came alive,'" Megan says. 

And this training is incorporated at every stage of the program. According to Rebecca,
"We get thrown in there right away so that we know that this is for sure what we want to do." 

The sisters have learned that on the field, the challenges can be big – and sometimes tall, such as when they provided athletic training to Missouri State's Baseball Bears. "We have some pitchers who are 6’3”, 6’2”," says Megan. "And you have to wrap their shoulders with ice. So I would just stand up in the dugout on a stool. They all understood."

"Yes," adds Rebecca, "you have the knowledge, the background knowledge, to understand what you need to do and how you need to do it."  

As Rebecca and Megan continue to seek out new experiences and knowledge, they are thankful that they can rely on each other. According to Rebecca, "We have opposite spins on things, but somehow we end up in the same spot." 

Megan agrees. "I can go to her for anything, and she'll love me no matter what... We'll always be best friends."