Missouri State University
Katie Boydstun

Katie Boydstun

Nurse finds Anesthesia School combines the best parts of nursing with new challenges

“I can care for my patients at a time when they are incredibly vulnerable and advocate for them in a way that is different than the way I advocate as a bedside nurse.”

Katie Boydstun moved to Missouri from Minnesota to attend Missouri State University for anesthesia school. Before starting school she worked as an Intensive Care Unit nurse for about eight years, most recently in the University of Minnesota's cardiovascular ICU. Boydstun considered going to CRNA School previously, but it was really at the University of Minnesota that she decided to definitely go for it.

“The anesthesia providers I worked with were so invested in their patients and able to care for them totally and completely at what would likely be one of the most critical moments in their life, and I wanted to get in on that action,” Boydstun said. “To me, anesthesia is a combination of the best parts of nursing, with lots of challenging twists. You can meet your patient before surgery and let him know that he is the most important person in the whole world at that moment, while reassuring him that you'll always be right by his side. As a CRNA, I can care for my patients at a time when they are incredibly vulnerable and advocate for them in a way that is so important, different than the way I can advocate for my patients as a bedside nurse,” Boydstun continued.

Boydstun initially looked at MSU because she has family in the area, and knew that she would have a good support system in place for such a difficult program. She decided she really wanted to go to MSU for anesthesia school when she read a forum post by Dr. Monika Feeney, MSU School of Anesthesia Program Director, while looking for information about certain schools. “Dr. Feeney’s reply to a comment that was posted literally made me laugh out loud and I thought, I got-ta meet this lady. She's awesome and it’s so cool to have a program director that really advocates for us,” Boydstun said. I have heard my friends from other schools talk about their directors and Dr. Feeney's support is never once taken for granted. 

Boydstun is married to Casey whom she has known for longer than she has not. He is still in Minnesota working. He is really supportive and is making lots of sacrifices so that she can follow her dream. When school started, he left for the Philippines for a seven month long work project. Boydstun was able to go visit him over winter break and do some traveling which she said was great. They are hoping that sometime soon he might be able to work something out with his job and join Boydstun in Springfield. Boydstun is proud mom to Finnegan, her 11 year-old Great Dane. He is her baby and always listens to her when she has had a rough day or when she needs someone to hear her review power points. Boydstun and her husband, Casey, LOVE to travel!! They also enjoy playing and watching sports, running, craft beer, good coffee, dogs of all kinds, and pretty much anything that's going on outside. She also love to cook and says if she weren't in school she would totally have a food blog!