MSW Advisement

Advisement overview

All MSW students are assigned a faculty advisor at the beginning of the MSW Program.  The advisor serves as a consultant on course scheduling, support for any student issues that might impact learning, and helps provide general professional mentoring.  Students are provided with their advisors’ names at the MSW Orientation.  Students are encouraged to get to know and stay in contact with their faculty advisors each semester throughout the MSW Program.  Contacts may be face-to-face, through teleconferencing technology, on the phone, or via email.  If a student has not been contacted by their advisor about an advisement meeting time, students are encouraged to contact them.

The objectives of MSW advisement are:

  • Explaining requirements for the social work degree.
  • Discussing the MSW Program’s classes and how they are connected.
  • Supporting a student who is requesting to drop a class, request a change of full-time or part-time status, withdrawal from the MSW Program, and/or request a leave of absence.
  • Informing advisees about extracurricular activities and supportive services available through MSU.
  • Providing role modeling in the areas of social work values and professionalism.
  • Assisting students in assessing their aptitude and motivation for a career in social work.
  • Providing regular reviews of a student’s educational performance in all facets of the social work program.
  • Being available to discuss professional and academic concerns of students and serving as a broker to link students to needed services.

The faculty advisor will assist the student in meeting all University and departmental requirements, but the student is ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE for completing all requirements and knowing all steps required to graduate on-time.  It is highly recommended students use the online graduate catalog to familiarize themselves with admissions requirements, social work courses and their prerequisites, and program requirements for graduation.  Students who deviate from outlined course recommendations must recognize they may not graduate in a timely-manner.  Additionally, the role of a faculty advisor is not a therapeutic one.  Faculty advisors do not provide personal counseling to social work students. Therefore, it is the MSW Program’s policy to refer students needing personal counseling to other resources either inside the University or in the community. 


Advisor release to register

All graduate students at MSU are required to get an advisor release each semester.  Once students have been released by their advisor, they can proceed to register for their intended classes.  Students will independently add and drop classes through the My Missouri State system.  Since a student’s course load and course sequencing can have a significant impact on the student’s completion of the MSW degree, a student should consult with his/her advisor for any deviations to the course the plan that has been provided in this manual.