Faculty and Staff

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Faculty in the department of religious studies travel the globe carrying out original research to advance the field and enhance their courses. They have published numerous books and articles, and regularly present their work at national and international conferences. They are committed to acquiring and disseminating knowledge for the benefit of their students, professional colleagues and community. Check out the recent faculty accomplishments.

Dr. Amy Artman

Research and professional interests: Pentecostalism; Charismatic Christianity; Religion in America

Dr. Leslie A. Baynes

Research and professional interests: Second Temple Judaism and early Christianity; New Testament; Jewish and Christian apocalyptic literature; Enoch; Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity and literature; C. S. Lewis

Dr. Stephen C. Berkwitz

Research and professional interests: Buddhist studies; Theravada Buddhism; Sinhala and Pali literature; South Asian religions; religion and colonialism

Dr. Mark D. Given

Dr. Mark D. Given

Associate Professor
Graduate Program Director

Research and professional interests: Biblical Studies; Early Christian History and Literature; Paul; Apocalypticism; Greco-Roman Philosophy and Rhetoric; Postmodern Biblical Criticism

Lora J. Hobbs

Research and professional interests: Women in religions; scholarship of teaching (student motivation; teacher’s role in student engagement, autonomy and competence; student motivation and success as face-to-face time decreases and technology increases)

Dr. Philippa Koch

Religion in America, Religion and Medicine, Religion and Sexuality, Early American Religion and Culture, History of Christianity, German Pietism

Dr. Victor H. Matthews

Research and professional interests: Hebrew Bible, Social World of Ancient Israel, Ancient Law

Dr. Kathy J. Pulley

Research and professional interests: Women and religion (Evangelicals and Stone-Campbell movement); relationships between religion, culture, and politics

Dr. Micki A. Pulleyking

Research and professional interests: Philosophy of religion especially continental thought, theodicy and meaning construction; gender studies with attention given to women and fundamentalism

Dr. Vadim Putzu

Research and professional interests: Judaism; Jewish Philosophy; Jewish Mysticism; Medieval and Early Modern Jewish History; Science Fiction and Religion

Dr. Austra Reinis

Research and professional interests: German Reformation; various genres of German Lutheran preaching in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries

Dr. John A. Schmalzbauer

Dr. John A. Schmalzbauer

Blanche Gorman Strong Chair in Protestant Studies

Research and professional interests: Religion and American culture, Evangelicalism, religion in higher education, popular culture and religion, campus ministry, Ozarks religion

Dr. John T. Strong

Research and professional interests: Prophetic literature of the Hebrew bible; Syro/Palestinian archaeology

Jane E. Terry

Jane E. Terry

Academic Administrative Assistant II

Research and professional interests: Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, Poetry in the Hebrew Bible