Documentary Filmmaking Certificate

Documentary Filmmaking

This certificate will allow students to focus primarily on non-fiction storytelling productions for video or multimedia presentation. Emphasis will be placed on production methods and understanding journalistic research standards as well as history and theory of the form. Through electives, students will be able to concentrate on presentation method (multimedia or video) and professional skill (cinematography or audio).

    Program requirements (15 hours)

    1. MED 345(3) or 365(3).
    2. JRN 388(3) or 478(3). Note: Students pursuing this certificate may request a waiver of the prerequisites for JRN 388 or JRN 478.
    3. MED 412(3) and 512(3).
    4. MED 361(3) or 462(3) or 465(3).
    5. All candidates must satisfy the General University Certificate Requirements.