Cultural Competence in International Nutrition Certificate

Cultural Competence in International Nutrition

This certificate is designed for students interested in developing culturally relevant international nutrition knowledge and skills while working with diverse cultures in a variety of settings. The certificate also provides education abroad opportunities to further assist in the development of culturally competent citizens.

This certificate provides coursework and experiences to enhance students’ knowledge of basic principles of nutrition as applied to the foods, health, and religious beliefs of different cultures worldwide. Additionally, students will examine how certain foods and health traditions are important to various cultures. Students completing this program will have an enhanced understanding of foods, health beliefs and practices, and the religions of a variety of cultures with which they may come into contact.

Program requirements (12 hours)

  1. DTN 130(3) or 240(3); and DTN 332(3).
  2. Additional courses from the following to total 12 hours for the certificate: DTN 345(3), IPE 376(3), IPE 377(3).
  3. Additionally, up to 3 hours of advisor approved education abroad electives may be selected from: IDS 297(3), BMS 380(1-3), DTN 392(1-3), BMS 400(1-3), DTN 400(1-3).
  4. All candidates must satisfy the General University Certificate Requirements.

Completion requirement

Attain a grade of C or better in all courses used to fulfill the certificate requirements.