Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
  1. COM 209(3).
  2. 12 hours of COM elective courses (six hours of which must be chosen from courses numbered 300 or higher) to bring total to at least 15 hours. COM 115 or transfer equivalent cannot be used to satisfy the 12 hours of COM electives in this minor.

A minimum of 9 credit hours not counted as requirements on any Department of Communication major or other Department of Communication minor is required for the completion of any minor in the Department of Communication.

Students with a BA or BS in any non-comprehensive communication major may not select any minor within the Department of Communication to meet their minor requirement.

Although a minor is not required for the BS in Socio-Political Communication, BS in Public Relations, or BSED in Speech and Theatre Education, students may select the Ethical Leadership minor in the Department of Communication as an optional minor.